What is baseline?

This is baseline

How do you build the right collection?

The promotional product market is full of companies offering catalogs upon catalogs of polos, wovens, jackets, sweaters in every shape, style, and size, drowning clients in a sea of options. What we found was that our clients were looking for direction and expertise. They were lost in a sea of pebble textures and waffle weaves and were desperate for a lifeline. And this is how the Baseline Collection was started.

We took the idea generated in the 1970s by Susie Faux of a capsule wardrobe but made it work for branded apparel. What are the basics that each client needs and what are the best of those basics? Things that will never go out of style and transition easily from season to season. Our merchandising team carefully examined our best sellers and our factory’s best sellers. We tried them on, we washed them, we wore them, and we selected the best options so our clients know what they are receiving is going to present their brand well and make them look good.

  • Why Baseline?

  • Our merchandising team has custom selected products by reviewing trends in retail so these products are what you are wanting to wear
  • Each item is tested for fit and durability. We wear them ourselves to make sure the fit is comfortable
  • While our core selection focuses on the basics you need in every program the seasonal selection allows us to offer fashion forward options as well as products that fit the season. Our rotation keeps you wanting to come back and take a look at what is new
  • Because of our confidence in these items we stock them blank and embroider them on demand. Each item has a minimum of 1 piece.
  • We are confident that by selecting one of these options you know you are getting the right item